"Hospitality" of commitment to everywhere

All rooms, common areas, wheelchair accessible toilet installation.
Barrier-free design with no step cozy piano BGM
in the Muslim-friendlyrestaurants.
We offer a calm space tones and warmth of wood.


Stress-free room
ストレスフリーな室内Twin room is spacious and
has to produce a stress-free space.
Breakfast service

Enjoy the Japanese set-Western set meal that
French chefs create. Please enjoy our dishes
that are made with all Halal food.

Choice and space
お祈りスペースIn our hotel, to for people of the Muslim, we are provided
with a choice space. Please use please.
Floor heating
床暖房 It has become a full chamber floor heating conditioning.
Air conditioning is also available comfortable stay
with peace of mind not good customers.
アメニティBathrooms stocks a large number of amenities supplies.
Please use all means.
About the use of at a party seminar

Seating 25 people, party and up to Reception
to 50 people available at the seminars is also possible
PC connection is possible on the projector,
screen microphone, sound,
there is a piano in the facility.


The 1st floor common bathroom

The customer who has reserved
a standard plan (without the baths)
has use a common bathroom on the 1st floor.
It'll be use by gender-segregated time of 18:00-20:30 and
21:00-23:30, and is men and women's time.
After deciding which it'll be on the day,
I'll guide you in case of check-in.


2 flat parking lots

Guests staying 1000 yen per night
Opening campaign in progress!
For first-come, first-served basis,
guests are free of parking lot.
Please check availability when making reservations.


Night wear Slipper Towel
Hair dryer Shampoo Rinse
Body Soap Tooth brush Swab
Cotton Sponge Hair brush
Razor Tea set Air-condi tioning
Floor Heating Wheelchair Accessible toilet Bidet
Ironrental Cribrental Trans formerrental
Electric pot Internet connection FAXCorresponding At the reception
Safety deposit boxCorresponding At the reception Refrige rator TVset
PhoneExtension only Paid video× minibar×